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Creative Commons License

The DEF is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License. You can freely use the API for private, public, or commercial use, without modification, as long as proper credit is given. You are not allowed to de-compile and modify the DEF under any circumstances, nor are you allowed to modify or distribute, reprint, or host (electronically or otherwise) the JavaDocs or User's Guide. Linking to the JavaDocs or User's Guide is allowed provided the links clearly display to the user that proper authorship and name to which the user is linking.

Availability of Materials

The JAR file (jmorgan.jar), the DEF User's Guide, and the API Documentation is available on this web site for download. The DEF User's Guide and API Documentation can be downloaded provided you fully understand and are in full in agreement with the License as stated above.

Source code for the DEF is available for a licensing fee of $99 per seat. Please contact "Java Joe" Morgan for licensing.


I am releasing the DEF in good faith, and the elements herein are in use in scores of commercial-level production applications. However, I make absolutely no claims of any kind of the DEF's ability to work properly within your environment. You agree you take 100% of the risk of using this API and/or its documents, and that it is also 100% of your responsibility to fully test its features in your application, applet, utility, servlet, or any other software component or system in which you use any elements of the DEF. You also agree that if you cannot successfully make the DEF work for your application, applet, utility, servlet, or other software, you are not authorized to release it into your UAT or production environment.

You agree that by using the JAR file (jmorgan.jar), or the DEF User's Guide, or the API Documentation, that you will not hold Joe Morgan, "Java Joe" Morgan, nor Joseph M Morgan responsible in any way for you, your partners, customers, employees, subordinates, contractors, or anyone else to whom you make this API and its documents available for any inability to make it work, or any damage it may cause, or any problems that may arise from using the DEF.

I will not maintain up-to-date copies of any part of the DEF or its documentation outside of this web site, and any copies you obtain elsewhere are in violation of the License agreement and I will not be responsible for their content or usability or lack thereof. You are not authorized, in any way, to use copies of the DEF or its documents if obtained from any other source than from this web site.

Versioning Notes

Version by Date

You will notice that I do not (and will not) version my software numerically. I version by date. So you won't be looking for updates by some arbitrary numbering system no-one really understands or agrees upon how to actually standardize. You're looking for the jmorgan.jar file with a particular date.

Here it is

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jmorgan.jar - 2014-12-14

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